Mindfulness and Meditation, Grounded?

Mindfulness and meditation can be a great way to feel grounded.  Feeling grounded is the sense that you are all settled and feel stable in mind and body.  Is there a difference between mindfulness and meditation?  No… in short.

Mindfulness is a newer term that has merely taken the place of meditation for some.  They are one in the same in my opinion.  Once you have done ‘both’ you will see.  There is no difference.  You will be told there is by the people teaching or practicing.  Once you sit down it is all about breathing (at first)…

Here is a little information on how these both are applicable to a single practice of just sitting and being quiet…

People often tell me they want to learn to meditate to become more ‘grounded’ as if they were floating all around the room at the time!   But in their reality that is exactly how they feel, not connected to the ground, flighty, up and out of sorts…  As scary as falling.

     The bad news is you’re falling through the air, nothing to hang on to-

Most people associate being grounded with really being calm and composed, in the now, very present to what is occurring.

This is exactly what meditation is for.  Really, it is a process of letting go and allowing reality to be without so much judgement and worry, struggle and ‘inner’ commentary.   Once we realize we cannot and do not have to control the whole world all the time, life itself becomes easier, simpler.  All with the change of the mind.

The good news is…

In the process of meditation some people can feel even more like they have no control no sense of a base, foundation or ground… In our practice this is why we observe the breath.  It is the ground of all of our existence while we are living.

 There is no ground… (Chogyam Trungpa)

If you feel flighty or ungrounded there are a few things you can do for your self to feel more centered and grounded.  The first is to stop and just watch a couple breaths.  Breathe five or ten times only noting the end of the inhalation.  This will get you to observe the pause in the breathing process and give you a chance to still the mind.   Second do equal breathing.  Take an in breath for the count of four, hold for a count of four and then exhale for a count of four.  Do this four times, then follow with a five or six count continuing up to ten.

A great meditation I have done when doing bodywork on people is to connect with the ground in the building in my mind, feeling first the feel of my feet on the floor, imagining the structure below my feet.  Slowly progressing with that sense of connection to the floor all the way out to the walls and into the foundation of the building and eventually into the Earth itself.  I imagine all the negative energy being grounded there.

Another one I do in the mornings when I can.  I stand barefoot in grass.  Gently feeling the wet cool grass under my feet and imagining the negativity slowly being drawn into the Earth where it is neutralized.  This is a great one to do with breathing because as you breathe in you can imagine good energy coming in and crowding out the negative energies.

A third way is with a simple stone.  We all know that the word ‘grounded’ really does mean to the ground.  The Earth.  When we are in nature and touch the Earth we feel more at ease.  More grounded…  Keeping a piece of the Earth near by can help us feel grounded and give us a psychological and emotional anchor to relaxation and the feel of being centered or grounded.  We can call this our ‘touch stone’ A small piece of black river stone is all that is needed.  Any stone that you have found, especially from a significant place in your life is best.  For example, your childhood home, a silent spot you enjoy, a place where something meaningful occurred etc.

Take this stone and feel it in your hand.  Feel how cool it is, that is it being in its neutral state.  Observe it with your eyes, see the contour, shine, color…  feel its weight, smoothness, roughness, other textures, details… feel it in both hands, alternate hands, notice the difference.  Feel it as it begins to warm and take on all of your negative energy, feel appreciation for that stone, thank it for helping you.  You will definitely feel more grounded.  Keep the stone with you, or keep it in a special place where it can ‘re-energize’ /  if you feel like it needs to be ‘recharged’ place it in the sunlight, full moonlight, or in salt.  You can also simply put it on the Earth again, any negative energy will be taken into the whole Earth.

Another one is to have a good bath.  Use Epsom salts, they will help you hydrate and make you feel very relaxed.  Relaxed is a great step towards feeling grounded.

We offer grounding workshops about once a month at our meditation practice group in Parker.  Check our Meetup.

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