Welcome to the Centered Path, A Buddhist Journey. We are a ‘micro’ church, non-denominational, trans-cultural Buddhist practice group that embraces the teachings of the Buddha without discrimination of lineage, tradition, culture, faith, or nationality.

Founded in 2015, The Centered Path has been a development of the work of Reverend Dhammajivaka (Rev. Dr. Sean H. Thompson) over the past decade.  Fostering a belief that Buddhism should not be sectioned down to lineages and sub-groups, Reverend Dhammajivaka has made it his passion to offer the teachings and practice of Buddhism for the m
odern daily life of a regular person, just like you or me.

About Reverend Dhammajivaka (Rev. Sean H. Thompson)

Rev. Dhammajivaka was ordained as such in 2006 by the International Order of BuddhistIMG_20151122_160336 Ministers and The Buddhist Sangha Council of Southern California under his Primary Teacher (Achariya) Venerable Chao Chu of the Rosemead Buddhist Monastery and his Preceptor (Upajjhaya) Venerable Piyananda Nayaka Thero of the Dharma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara.  Rev. Dhammajivaka served with the Bosath Children’s Educational Foundation,  IOBM (International Order of Buddhist Ministers), and The UNDV (United Nations Day of Vesak) as a delegate and speaker in 2008, 2010,  and 2014.

Rev. Dr. Sean (Dhammajivaka) also has taught Dharma classes, Vipassana and Samatha meditation and oversees both Tactical Mindfulness (Meditation and Mindfulness training for first responders and military) as well as the Parker Meditation Practice Group (Rocky Mountain Meditation) which has over 500 members on Meetup.com.

IMG_20151223_202424Rev. Dr. Sean also hosts  Buddhist monastics for such events as Minister Ordination and special Puja offerings throughout the year.  He travels to learn more about Buddhism and has spent time in Japan, Viet Nam, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

He now teaches mindfulness, meditation and Dharma classes throughout Colorado.