We provide a non-traditional, modern approach to Buddhism and Buddhist teaching, philosophy, thought and action.   Often the ‘way’ of Buddhism is considered the middle (or centered) path.  We do not follow any strict lineage and thereby allow benefit from all teachings.  We take a more centered approach to the subject matter and use practice and the development of wisdom, compassion and insight to personally reduce our own suffering and the suffering of all beings.  We go to the Buddha[1] for guidance, we practice and live the Dharma[2] and care for and support the (Maha[3]) Sangha[4].

We choose to bring this study into our daily lives through mindfulness, meditation and contemplation.

Is the Centered Path a temple or church?  What makes us a church?  The ‘legal’ definition is complex, here is how we incorporate it into our existence:

  1. We have a distinct legal existence, including articles of incorporation, a tax ID number and 501c3[9]
  2. We have a recognized creed and form of worship. We practice non-denominational Buddhism, following the creed from “The Advice to the Kalama People”.
  3. We have a definite and distinct ecclesiastical form of governance. Such that, any disputes that arise over the interpretation of the bylaws is deferred to the highest authority of the group.  In this case, The Lead Pastor, with the advice of the Advisory Council and the Board of Directors.   The Lead Pastor shall run the daily affairs.
  4. We have a formal code of doctrine and discipline which are; The Four Noble Truths, the Eight Fold Path, and The Paramitas.
  5. We have a distinct religious history. Our Advisory Council are Lineage holders[10] and help to guide us along this Centered Path.
  6. Members are not associated with any other church or organization, although we may have participants from other churches and temples.
  7. We have a complete organization of ordained ministers.
  8. We have our own literature in the form of this website and other training material all based on the Pali Canon.
  9. We have an established place of worship.
  10. We have regular congregations and services
  11. We offer classes to prepare members for Refuge ceremonies and other Pujas…


[1] The Buddha, the enlightened one.  The historical figure Siddhartha Gautama.

[2] The Dharma or Dhamma.  The teachings of the Buddha according to the basics of the Pali Canon.  Although other references are used and very useful.

[3] Maha:  Great, as in Maha Sangha, which are fully ordained Monks and Nuns.

[4] Sangha: Literally, followers.

[5] Advice to the Kalamas:

[6] The Four Noble Truths:

[7] The Eight Fold Path:

[8] The Six Paramitas

[9] 501c3 status is pending.  Since The Centered Path is considered a legal church you may be able to deduct donations on your taxes as outlined by the IRS statute.

[10] Lineage Holder:  One who can trace their teachers to the Buddha himself.  All of our advisors are lineage holders.  However, remember… The Buddha was not a Buddhist…