The first teachings of Buddhism includes the Four Noble Truths.  This is to be contemplated and realized in order to begin ‘entering the stream’ of the teachings.   Once you have realized this as your initial path you can begin to practice.  Historically the Four Noble Truths are based on the work of physicians in ancient India.  The Buddha is often considered the physician of the

mind.  The statement of the physician was to determine if there was an illness and name it (render a diagnosis), then to determine what the cause is/was, then the physician had to state if the condition was curable.   Then finally he had to offer the prescription.   Below are the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism.

The First Noble Truth is the Truth of Suffering.

The Second Noble Truth is the Truth of the cause of suffering which is craving/greed/desire.

The Third Noble Truth is the realization of the cessation of suffering as a possibility.

The Fourth Noble Truth is the Eightfold Path.