The Centered Path is geared to getting information out about Buddhism in a non-sectarian way, making it available and approachable by anyone that wishes to explore the Dharma. Being an ordained minister of Buddhism I find it interesting how many people have a pre-conceived idea of Buddhism that is colored though culture and sect. I aim to open a dialog with anyone that wishes to listen, to hear and to learn basics of Buddhism. Buddhism is growing, especially in the West, we have Mahayana, Theravada, and Vajrayana teachings and no where does the west really have the ability to combine and extract the teachings to form an "Ameriyana" or something that is safe and approachable.   The Centered Path began in 2014 as a micro church and is now a 501c3 charity organization.  Donations are deductible.  

About Dr. Sean

Rev. Dr. Sean H. Thompson

The founder and primary teacher for the Centered Path is Reverend Sean H. Thompson.  He was fully ordained as a Buddhist Minister at the Rosemead Buddhist Monastery in Rosemead California under the Southern California Sangha Council and the International Order of Buddhist Ministers in 2006.  He has served as a meditation and Dharma tutor focusing on the basics of Buddhist practice as applied to a householders' life.  

Rev. Sean was given the name 'Dhammajivaka' when he was ordained, named in part after the Buddha's personal physician Jivaka and also because he is a health care provider (chiropractor and acupuncturist)  he was considered 'the good son of the Dharma' (more literal translation).  

Rev. Sean who goes by Dr. Sean commonly, has traveled to Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka and throughout the United States teaching and learning from some amazing gurus and masters.  He has been a returning presenter and delegate of the United Nations Day of Vesak, and international conference of Buddhist leaders focusing on current issues as Buddhism approaches them.

His main focus is Chan (Chinese precursor to Zen) and Theravada practices.  He studies Samatha and Vipassana meditation and explores the physiological effects of stress and meditation.   

His main primary teachers are Venerable Chao Chu of the Los Angeles Buddhist Union, Ven. Walpola Piyananda of the Dhamma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara in Southern California and Jigme Dorge Rimpoche of the Khawalung Monastery in Kathmandu Nepal.


About Us

Meditation Practice and training


Think too much?  

That is what they all say.  Learn to meditate and calm that monkey mind.  Have it become useful and even teach it a few tricks.  We practice twice a week, all levels are welcome and you can even schedule a private session to start your practice right.  Check out our blog as well! 

Is Buddhism Right for you?


Many people are considering Buddhist teachings in order to give themselves a chance for a better life without all the guilt and oppression of some other forms of philosophical, religious and spiritual practice.  Not to say there are not any guidelines, or rules, but the locus of control is totally different and YOU are responsible for your moments... each as they arise. 

Ready to learn?


The study and practice of Buddhist teachings, called the Dharma or Dhamma is the best way to better your own life and become a benefit to all beings.  There is even a specific practice for that!  Check out our classes and workshops for more. The Dharma coincides with any spiritual or religious practice that is non violent and designed to help you become successful as a good person and influence in this world.  It does not refute any other practice but allow you to study openly and thoroughly.   Making you, yourself the teacher.

Privacy Policy/disclaimer

We do not offer therapy services, meditation and the practice of Buddhism can help with therapy but is not a substitute.  Medications should be taken as prescribed by your health care provider, do not stop meds without advice from your prescribing doctor.   Some meditations and practices may cause disturbances in thought, sleep, appetite, concentration or other functions.  Make sure you practice closely with your teacher and community.  


We do not sell, lend, rent, give or lease your information to anyone! In fact, any information you send to us is strictly secret and will not be released.  If there is a breach or data mishap we will notify every one involved as able as soon as possible.  Any third party we use have their own privacy policy and you should look into those if need be.  (PayPal, Patreon, Goggle, GoDaddy, etc.  We will do our upmost to maintain data integrity and privacy. Should anything occur or you have other questions, please notify us at basicbuddhist@gmail.com