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How to start meditation practice successfully.

Begin where you are.  No need to buy anything, go anywhere or even have any complicated structure.  The original Buddhists (OBs) enjoyed meditation and mindfulness one breath at a time, just like you can now.  Sit, let your body become still, breathe, notice the calm, watch your mind... not to control, but to observe.  repeat.  Simple as that.  

Announce coming events

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Check these seven things to help you meditate.

1. Put your legs in a position of comfort, if in a chair, have feet flat on the floor, if cross legged, make sure three is ease in getting into and out of the posture. 

2. Straighten your back, but do not be rigid. 

3. Scrunch your shoulders up to your ears for a breath, then let them go limp.

4. Your head should be upright, like it were hung from the sky.  Not stiff though, tuck your chin a little.

5. Close your eyes, they have enough to do, to make it even better focus on the point between the eyebrows. It helps with concentration. 

6. Place the tip of your tongue behind the teeth on the roof of your mouth as if your were going to say the letter 'N'.

7. Place your hands on your thighs, palms up to receive, palms down for mindfulness, or the left palm in the right at your navel or in your lap for deep meditation, let your thumb tips connect... 

The five biggest challenges to meditation.

1. Wanting too much too soon.  Let go, breathe and watch. 

2. Becoming frustrated- Let that be where it is, breathe through it...

3. Sleepiness when your sit.  Sit for shorter duration, sit with others.

4. Restlessness- Meditation is a process, you have to practice what you want to get good at, practice being angry you will find ways to be that way.  Practice worry, same thing, practice patience, it will come to you and you will find yourself as stable and calm as a mountain.

5. Doubt it?  talk to others, really study it.  Observe and you will see what is real for you. 

Practice with others

We meet locally twice a week.  Find yourself a group to sit with, it only has to be a few minutes.  We sit for five minutes in silence, then set an intention and sit for 15 or 20 min more.  That is all it takes.   When you sit at home, start easy. 

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